Where to begin

Your first step is to contact your Funeral Director. Regardless of whether the death was sudden or anticipated this is an emotionally stressful and sad time for everyone. We consider it a privilege to be asked by a family to organise a goodbye to a loved one and will work with you to arrange a funeral that celebrates the life of the deceased.

Planning a Funeral

When making funeral arrangements there is certain information we require to complete the documentation.

  • Full names of the deceased;
  • Residential address;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • Date and place of death;
  • lf born overseas, the arrival date in Australia;
  • To whom married (including maiden name);
  • Date and place of any marriage;
  • Parents full names and occupations; and
  • Full name and date of birth of any children (including deceased)

After the funeral, it is our responsibility to submit the above information, along with the Doctors cause of Death certificate to the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages. They will then issue a certified copy of Death certificate.

We can arrange burial services at the Esperance, Salmon Gums, Munglinup, Ravensthorpe or Hopetoun cemeteries.

If you choose to have your loved one cremated, the deceased is transferred to the Kalgoorlie Crematorium and their ashes are returned to us within 7 days. A memorial service can be held before or after the cremation takes place.

A private and reflective time to say your personal goodbyes.

Decorate the chapel with items that are significant – Golf clubs, fishing gear, pot plants, surfboard, Harley motorbike or any other personal items.

A clergy member, a celebrant or friend to preside over the service.

A keepsake for those attending the funeral. You can arrange these or we can provide you with the details of a local business to have them printed.

We offer a range of memorial books or cards that people can sign at the funeral. These are invaluable if you wish to say thank you to the people who came to honour your loved one.

A one-off design for your loved one. Use stickers or marker pens to personalise messages or we can recommend an artist to paint a scene or create colour effects.

Ask team mates or club members to come dressed in uniform to participate in a show of respect.

A pallbearer is one of the persons carrying or attending the coffin. Relatives or friends are usually selected for this honour.

Our staff are able to drive the Hearse past the home or business on the way to the church or cemetery as a traditional gesture of farewell.

It’s never good to be rushed at a funeral. Consider holding the service in our chapel. You will have the time you need to say goodbye in a relaxed family environment.

Funerals are a celebration of life. The venue you choose is important, be it set in your local church, a chapel, or in any other indoor or outdoor setting. Our staff can discuss options taking into consideration the number of people attending and your needs to make the service more personal and special.

Please let us know if we can take a lock of hair for you to keep.

You can have special music played as part of the service. As well as CD’s and iTunes, why not consider a soloist, piper or other live musicians.

A returned service man or woman is entitled to be recognised for their contribution to Australia. We can make available the Australian Flag or a particular service flag, an RSL tribute, the playing of the last post, or display uniforms, regalia or medals.

We encourage family and friends to participate in the ceremony and there are many ways they can contribute to make the ceremony a unique experience which celebrates the life of your loved one.

A visual presentation made from a collection of your photos set to a favourite piece of music to be played during the ceremony.

A time to catch up with others who were close to your loved one. It can be an important time for friends and relatives to gather together and share memories, help each other deal with their loss and provide hospitality to those who may have travelled to be at the funeral service.

  • Accountant
  • Australian Tax Office
  • Banks, Building Societies & Credit Unions
  • Credit Card Providers
  • Centrelink
  • Chemist
  • Church or Religious Organisations
  • School or College
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Companies – e.g. for Directorships
  • Dentist
  • Department of Transport – Car Registration
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs
  • Doctor, Specialist or Hospital
  • Electoral Office
  • Employer
  • Health Funds
  • Home Appliance Rental
  • Home Care Services
  • Home Medical Aids rental company
  • Household Help, Gardening Services or Meals on Wheels
  • Horizon Power
  • Insurance Companies
    • Life
    • Accident
    • Home and Contents
    • Vehicle
  • Medicare
  • Post Office
  • Clubs, Organisations and Associations
  • Shire of Esperance
  • Solicitor and/or Public Trustee
  • St John Ambulance
  • Superannuation Company
  • Telephone Company

The following is an outline of what your Minister/Celebrant will need to conduct your service.

  • Readings, Poems, Bible Passages, etc;
  • Music – before, during and after the service;
  • Special Requests during the service (e.g. PowerPoint Presentation); and
  • Guest Speakers

Below are suggestions for you to consider when putting together the story of your loved ones life.

  • Parents;
  • Place of birth, siblings, school details, work details;
  • Marriage Details;
  • Children;
  • Hobbies (e.g. fishing, drama, reading, sporting achievements, etc);
  • Military Service;
  • Club Memberships and Community Involvement; and
  • Who will read the Eulogy? (A friend, family member or the Minister/Celebrant)

Prepaid Funerals

The benefits of a prepaid funeral:

  • Knowing that your family will not have to worry about your funeral arrangements when you pass away.
  • Arranging your own service ensures it will be conducted as you wish.
  • Offers you peace of mind, knowing that your funeral will not be a financial burden on your family.
  • Protects your pension, as the Funeral plan is not considered part of your assets.
  • Prepaid funerals are costed at today’s prices.


Esperance Funeral Services can also arrange a Headstone or plaque for your loved one at the Esperance Cemetery.

Call Heather on (08) 9071 3245 to organise an appointment or to have a brochure sent out.