Esperance Funeral services has been family owned and operated since 1983. We have been in our current location of Lot 818 Woods Street, Esperance since 1995 when Kevin and Heather James joined the business.

Kevin and Heather would also like to welcome long time local Tanya Rogers to their team.

We pride ourselves in offering a professional and caring service to families in their time of need. Whether you chose to have your loved one buried or cremated, from a graveside service to a church ceremony, we are committed to tailoring a Funeral to your individual and unique needs by ensuring you know the options available to you and your family.

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BULLEN, Benjamin James

A Funeral service for the Late Mr Ben Bullen will be held at the Church of Christ, Milner Street, Esperance on Friday 24th November commencing at 1.30pm. The cortege will then proceed to the Esperance Cemetery for interment.

A funeral service for the Late Mr Ben Bullen will be held at the Church of Christ in Milner Street, Esperance on24 November 2017 commencing at 1.30pm. The cortege will then proceed to the Esperance Cemetery for interment. ... See MoreSee Less

A funeral service for the Late Mrs Judy West will be held at the Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Esperance on Saturday 18th November commencing at 1.30pm. The cortege will then proceed to the Esperance lawn cemetery for interment. ... See MoreSee Less

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A eulogy for Judy West by Greg Lowe There are a select few of us who have counted our own eras as pre-1980 and post-1980. Way back in mid August of that year, because of a chance close proximity to Azaria's tragedy at Ayer's Rock, several travelers were sucked into the vortex of that unnecessarily drawn-out affair, while the nation struggled to come to grips with what had really happened. By the time we were reacquainted with members of the West family in 'Alice' at the first inquest, there was common understanding we had collective personal knowledge that inured us from public anti-Chamberlain sentiment. A rapport rapidly developed. We were all very grateful for the coroner's ability to 'sort out the wheat from the chaff'. Sadly, it was to be the last time this sort of fearless judicial comprehension occurred for quite a while. Later events, officially sanctioned from above, were nought but a concocted police/scientific case against Azaria's parents. The injudicious behaviour culminating in the kangaroo court of the 2nd inquest remains a case-study for budding lawyers in how NOT to do it. It was apparent to many of we uncalled witnesses that the crown was intensely desperate to substitute fallacy for fact. It became clear that many people involved had far less integrity than ourselves. No worries, it was thought at that time of great anxiety. Surely, a trial would once again be able to 'sort out the wheat from the chaff'. In the meantime, we would simply have to weather the gathering storm. Although Judy admitted to being petrified at the prospect of any court appearance, her outward calm and gentle demeanour was an inspiration to all other nervous eye-witnesses. She was well aware the trial judge had done his best to sum up to the jury for acquittal. As we already knew, the reality was Azaria's parents had no case to answer. When that devastating Darwin decision was handed down, it blew us all away. The irony was none of us on-site had been believed, and because of that, justice had become tainted. Our implicit faith in police, scientists, the media, politicians and the High Court suddenly went AWOL. But knowledge is empowering. Judy generously gave of her time - volunteered to travel broadly, to speak at many public rallies held on the eastern half of the country, to protest the trial verdict. It was simply wrong. No doubt she also became firm friends with the operators at the local airport. Her compassion and humility, the preparedness to take a stand against such an obvious injustice, and a philosophy of gently treating others with dignity, all combined to endear her to others. I recall her once ending up a talk to a crowded hall with the rider - 'we may only be little people, but we do know right from wrong'. Am so pleased to have dropped in for a friendly chat and cuppa on our lap of Oz a few years ago. I remember that familiar twinkle in the eye when, in response to an outburst of chiackery, a comment was made with a chuckle 'YOU haven't changed!'. Judy, your memories will be fondly held within the hearts of many people. I salute you. Please say G'day to Bill for us, and may your guru/swami go with you. RIP.

Deepest sympathies on your loss, Steve.

Deepest sympathy to the West family from Dawn Chris and Jeni Peterson



Aimee Louise Mullaloo

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On this day - at this time – we stand still, to reflect and honour our countrymen and women who have sacrificed their life, for us to enjoy the freedoms each of us experience today. #remembranceday17 ... See MoreSee Less

Hampel, Colin Kingsley
A Funeral Service for the Late Mr Colin Hampel will be held at St Andrews Anglican Church, Esperance on Friday 10th November commecing at 10.30am.
The cortege will then proceed to the Esperance Lawn Cemetery for interment.
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